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Welcome to DoReMi Piano. Putting the music first!

sing-and-play-web-a4Sing and Play introduces the fundamentals of music, pulse, rhythm, pitch using the Kodály Approach. Every song in the book has a game or activity to go with it. Your students will have so much fun they will hardly notice they’re learning!

Introducing stave notation in a creative way we have Crazy Steps. crazy-steps-web-a4It can also be used as a creative supplement to any other method book without prior knowledge of solfa or the Kodály Approach. Or as a starting point for older beginners.

There’s also a free comprehensive Teacher Guide where I outline my journey through Crazy Steps with 7 year old Emma.

Composing and Exploring Tonality – Each piece in Crazy Steps and its successor Dippy Skips is followed by a composition activity based on the structure of the piece played. This allows the student to explore minor tonalities without needing to explain the underlying theory. They can also explore dissonance, whole tone scales and weird and wonderful accompaniment options.

Learning through play is the aim though. So we also have games cards and flashcards to make your lessons even more fun. Your students will love using the dogs, clowns and snails to create their own pulse pictures and rhythms DoReMi Game Cards.

going-wild-cover-for-shopMoving on with Going Wild. Going Wild follows on from Dippy Skips and contains fun traditional animal songs. It start with a mrd song and moves onto more complex tonesets involving hand movements but with relatively simple accompaniments to ensure the student moves forward with confidence. Uses the keys of C, G, F and D majors.

Once your students have become familiar with notation it’s time to start refining their reading skills using the sight reading book Let’s Play.

Perhaps they have moved on from the simple tonesets but could still benefit from simpler singing exercises? Take a look at Let’s Sing.

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