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winter-sale-borderWelcome to Winter! Have you noticed a few changes in the DoReMi Piano shop this week? New editions of the DoReMi Piano books are being published and we’re offering 10% off to everyone who places an advance order! Offer valid until 21st January 2017

sing-and-play-web-a4Putting the music first, our brand new landscape edition of Book 1 is called Sing and Play. It introduced the fundamentals of music, pulse, rhythm, pitch using the Kodály Approach. Every song in the book has a game or activity to go with it. Your students will have so much fun they will hardly notice they’re learning!

lyric-book-for-web-a4To support Sing and Play we’ve produced a beautifully illustrated Lyric Book, perfect for displaying on your tablet or interactive white board.

Introducing stave notation in a creative way we have Crazy Steps. It can also be used as a creative supplement to any other method book without prior knowledge of solfa or the Kodály Approach. Or as a starting point for older beginners.

crazy-steps-web-a4Composing and Exploring Tonality – Each piece in Crazy Steps and its successor Dippy Skips is followed by a composition activity based on the structure of the piece played. This allows the student to explore minor tonalities without needing to explain the underlying theory. They can also explore dissonance, whole tone scales and weird and wonderful accompaniment options.

musicianship-cards-for-web-a4Learning through play is the aim though. So we also have games cards and flashcards to make your lessons even more fun. Your students will love using the snails, dogs and bluebirds to create their own pulse pictures and rhythms. There are three packs of cards: Musicianship Game CardsSing and Play Cards and Crazy Steps Cards.

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