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Doremi Piano

Doremi Piano is the piano method by Helen Russell. An advocate of the Kodály Approach to music education, Helen has compiled these collections of songs for the beginner pianist. Each song has been carefully selected and arranged to guide the student from their first lessons. Priority is given to pulse, rhythm and pitch recognition and the sound before sight concept advocated by Zoltan Kodály.

Visit doremiconnect.co.uk for Helen’s training courses for teachers.

Helen Russell

Helen is a piano and singing teacher from Worcester, UK. After training at The University of Warwick she started teaching science in secondary schools across the West Midlands. Helen now has a thriving teaching practice in Worcester, teaching piano, singing and musicianship in local schools and online.

Helen spent the last decade leading the hugely successful non-auditioned Express Yourself Choir. Helen is also the driving force behind Worcester Kodály, raising money for local music teacher training.

A passionate advocate of the Kodály Approach to music education, Helen works for the British Kodály Academy as a tutor and member of their Education Planning Board. The Kodály influence infuses all of Helen’s teaching and has formed the basis for her piano method Doremi Piano.

Having attended every BKA residential since 2013 she has been fortunate to study Kodály musicianship and pedagogy with the very best tutors including Esther Hargittai, Lucinda Geoghegan, Dr Árpád Tóth, Bori Szirányi, David Vinden, Dr James Cuskelly, and Dr Lászlo Nemes.

Helen studied extensively with Dr Gillyanne Kayes to develop her vocal technique and pedagogy, and completed her Associate Diploma in Instrumental and Vocal Teaching with Trinity College London with the support of the Curious Piano Teachers.

Helen splits her time between her music career, looking after her two boys and volunteering as a Scout Leader.

Contact Helen by emailing helen @ doremipiano.co.uk

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