Brand New – e-Books with Studio Licenses

Due to popular demand DoReMi Piano Book 1, Book 2 and also the Book 1 Teacher Guide are now available as studio licensed e-Books.

DoReMi Piano eBook 2

When you purchase an of the e-Book you will be sent a personalised pdf of the book along with permission to use the e-Book with any number of your own students as an individual teacher; this license may not be shared with any other teachers in the same studio or different studios.

Teachers outside the UK can use this option to avoid paying the international postage costs. You can print pages yourself or take the pdf to a local printer.

Teachers all over the world can use this option to create a tailored curriculum for their students. It enables individual pages of the book to be printed out as and when needed by each student. Perhaps you want to develop musicianship alongside your existing favourite method book, or prefer to work without notation for longer. Maybe you are already experienced with the Kodály approach and want to use the resources in your own way. It’s totally flexible.

Do get in touch if you have any questions and let me know how you use the e-Books to help you create a flexible and tailor-made curriculum.

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