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crazy-steps-web-a4with Emma – Aged 7

Emma has been taking piano lessons with Helen for four months and has also attended her monthly group classes. During that time she has worked through and completed Sing and Play.

She is an extremely enthusiastic and excited student. She loves the games and connects with Helen’s puppets and stories. She loves to sing.

Through Sing and Play Helen has prepared, presented and practised steady beat and pulse, high and low pitch, rhythm names ta (crotchets/quarter notes) and titi (quavers/eighth notes) and the ta rest. She has also prepared, presented and practised the singing names or solfa do, so, mi and la. Helen and Emma prepared re during their Christmas lesson but it was not presented. Keyboard work has been on the black keys and Emma has mostly been using both hands but with single bouncing fingers.

single-bunLesson 1

In Emma’s last lesson they started to look at the white keys and learnt that they are named after the musical alphabet ABCDEFG. Emma had discovered that she can use the patterns of the black keys to find certain letters. She practised finding all the Fs.

  • Present re and its key facts using Hot Cross Buns
  • Practise ta, titi and ta rest using Hot Cross Buns
  • Practise the Musical Alphabet and find the Fs on the keyboard

bass-fLesson 2

  • Present the Bass Clef and the Bass F line
  • Practise re and its key facts using Hot Cross Buns
    • re is higher than do and lower than mi
    • If do and mi are line notes then re is the space note in between
    • If do and mi are space notes then re is the line note in between

Lesson 3

  • Present the Treble Clef and the Treble G line
  • Present Middle C
  • Practise drm motifs as alphabet strings with Hot Cross Buns
  • Introduce hands together activities

toad-779279_1920Lesson 4

  • Present term Tonic
  • Explore new tonalities by transforming Hot Cross Buns into new modes
  • Practise reading and writing steps on the stave
  • Practise alphabet strings

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