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If you want to learn more about Doremi Piano, the Kodaly Approach, improve your musicianship or just hang out with like-minded musicians and teachers then pop along to Doremi Connect. It’s a new online community with membership benefits and stand alone courses.

Everyone is welcome from music teachers to total beginners. There’s something for everyone.

Here are some of the comments from Helen’s online musicianship classes for beginners.

“Personally, I’m really enjoying the course Helen. It’s running at a good pace, plenty going on and yes, good fun! The solfa hand signs are new for me and I’m having to get my brain in gear for these. It’s good to get reminders on Facebook, spaced out during the week of our targets cos time and life get in the way! I’d like to continue the classes.”

“I really like the pace. I particularly like when we learn solfa patterns then you give examples (modern and classical). I would like to continue with another course. It’s just singing, music and happiness – no pressure, just a bit of productive me-time.”

“The hand movements are helping me remember things a bit easier and i enjoy the group dynamic. Your music choices have been great so far, nice mix. It lifts my mood :)”

“I am really grateful to you for finding a way to continue online. I have enjoyed learning some of the more structured elements of music in a fun way. I am interested in doing more classes.”

“I am really enjoying the weekly sessions and I think you’re doing a great job! I would like to continue with another course at the same level to consolidate what I have learnt because everything is completely new to me, so I am simply taking it all in.”

“I believe your class is ideal for any beginner in singing or general music knowledge. Song choices have had a great range and tone to your lessons- I love a bit of classical! You always choose well.”

“I’ve really liked the course so far it’s been well-paced and involving.”

The aims of my classes are as follows:

  • Classmates will create a community and will make meaningful connections not only in our weekly class but also in our special Facebook group
  • Music and singing have never been more important in this lockdown. They calm the mind, increase confidence, self-esteem and focus. This nurturing approach will be present throughout
  • The classes will be full of heart and humour. We will make beautiful music with our voices and also have a lot of fun
  • Physical exercise is important but so is mental exercise. The classes will include musical puzzles, fun co-ordination challenges to stretch our skills, and activities to twist our tongues. Remember that fun I mentioned – these activities will be challenge by choice, but if you do choose to then there’s bound to be some giggles!
  • Since I’m a passionate music educator we will be developing basic musical literacy skills and demystifying music notation. This is a side effect though, not the main aim. Developing these skills will give us more scope for fun activities
  • We will be on our own at home, so our achievements will be found from within. Our games and activities we will be enjoying and mastering are about how we challenge ourselves. We are not waiting until we can be together, we are being the very best we can be whilst apart. Of course another side effect will be improved singing and musicianship skills that will be invaluable in any choir or other musical activity you take part in once things like that are back up and running! Should you choose to! Or you might find, like me, that this personal musical development is the most wonderful thing ever
  • We will be developing musicianship with the highest quality teaching and using the wonderful pop songs that I have spent over 10 years studying. Of course including different genres too, because beauty and enjoyment are the aim and beauty can be found all over the place!
  • For the sessions on Zoom, you can remain muted the whole time if you like. There’s no need to share your music with us. But there will be a Facebook group for each class where you can post your challenges when you feel proud, when you need encouragement, when you need feedback, when you want to share something hilarious. We’ll be there to cheer you on.
  • Our destination is not as important as our journey. Our journey will be the aim. Our journey will be full of fun and music and laughter. The destination is wherever our journey takes us.

Helen teaches piano, singing and musicianship in Worcester and online. Visit the DoReMi Piano and Singing Facebook Page for the latest classes and schedules.

You can contact Helen through her Facebook page. Or email by adding helen@ to the front of the web address doremipiano.co.uk