Other Books for Sale

Edited 25th May 2017

Stock list for books not published by DoReMi Piano. Prices quoted are RRP but make me an offer! helen@doremipiano.co.uk

Books include Piano Time, Poco Piano, Microjazz, American Popular Piano, Paul Harris and more. Get yourself some bargains and support Reduce Reuse Recycle!

Condition – Never Used unless stated

Tales of a Musical Journey Book 2 £17.99

Poco Piano for Young Children Book 2 £6.95
Poco Piano Sight Reading Book £6.95

Piano Time Book 1 £8.75
Piano Time Book 2 £8.75
Piano Time Pieces Book 1 £8.50 (2 copies in stock)
Piano Time Sports Book 1 £7.95

Get Ready for Chord and Arpeggio Duets Book 1 £5.95

The Classic Piano Course Omnibus Edition £14.99

Microjazz Collection 1 with CD (Christopher Norton) £10.99 (2 copies in stock)

American Popular Piano Repertoire Prep (CD used) £6.99
American Popular Piano Etudes Prep £5.99
American Popular Piano Skills Prep £5.99
American Popular Piano Etudes 1 £6.99
American Popular Piano Skills 1 £6.99
American Popular Piano Etudes 2 £6.99
American Popular Piano Skills 2 £6.99
American Popular Piano Repertoire 3 (CD used) £8.99

Improve Your Aural Grade 1 (1st edition) (CD used) – out of print
Improve Your Scales Grade 1 (1st edition) – out of print
Improve Your Sight Reading Grade 5 £6.99
Improve Your Scales Grade 5 (1st edition) – out of print

Joining the Dots Book 1 £5.75