Teaching Bass Clef with Crazy Steps

Crazy Steps Lesson 2 with Emma – Aged 7

single-bunCatch up with Emma in her second lesson in Crazy Steps.

Continuing her work on re with Hot Cross Buns in lesson one, Emma is now discovering the Grand Staff and the Bass Clef. The DoReMi Piano approach is fun, creative and based on Kodály principles so you know that it’s the very best in sound before symbol teaching.

Lesson 2 Objectives

  • Present the Bass Clef and the Bass F line
  • Practise re and its key facts using Hot Cross Buns
    • re is higher than do and lower than mi
    • If do and mi are line notes then re is the space note in between
    • If do and mi are space notes then re is the line note in between

To start at the beginning of Emma’s journey visit the Teacher Guide for Crazy Steps.

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